Sevin Rosen Funds.


Sevin Rosen Funds was founded in 1981 by L.J. Sevin and Ben Rosen, who quickly established a reputation for success. Over the next two and a half decades, the firm continued to assemble a team respected for its deep operating, technology, and venture capital experience and established itself as an entrepreneur-centric VC firm with a track record of founding market leaders.

One of Sevin Rosen Fund's very early successes was helping to establish Compaq Computer Corporation. In early 1983, the Compaq Portable PC was shipped, revolutionizing the personal computer industry. In the following years, SRF also played a key role in helping to create other early leaders in the computing arena by funding companies such as Lotus Development Corporation, Electronic Arts and SGI. Citrix, CIENA, ArQule, Cyrix and Cypress Semiconductor are included among the firm's successful IPOs.

Sevin Rosen: Helping turn big ideas into big companies