Sevin Rosen Funds.

Entrepreneurs Say

"Sevin Rosen leverages its people, expertise and capital with a whatever it takes culture to guide the portfolio companies to success."
Charlie Vogt, President and CEO, GENBAND

"Sevin Rosen funds takes companies to heart and supports them for the long haul. The partners have helped our company as colleagues, mentors, and advisors."
Rosen Sharma, CEO, Solidcore

"What has been of most value to my company is the composure of Sevin Rosen Funds during a time when many VCs gave up and/or killed their companies."
Ed Cantwell, CEO, InnerWireless

"Sevin Rosen Funds is among the top-tier venture firms. . . because of the quality of the partners. They played an important role in developing the business plan which was meaningful to us."
James Sabry, Co-Founder, and Executive Chairman, Cytokinetics

"It is really helpful to have a VC that has been a CEO. Sevin Rosen Funds knows what it is like to be sitting in my seat facing the challenges I face."
Dave Vucina, CEO, Wayport