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Invodo helps online retailers sell more through the power of video. A full-service eCommerce video solution, Invodo creates highly effective product video at scale and provides a leading platform and player to influence consumers at the point of purchase. Invodo videos increase sales conversion rates, attract traffic through SEO and social networks, and reduce returns for customers including Internet 500 retailers and major brands.

Unlike other vendors who only specialize in platform technology, content creation or syndication, Invodo is an expert in all three key areas to eCommerce video success.
? They create high quality video at scale.
? They host and stream the content through the Invodo InPlayer, which is specifically optimized for retailers.
? And they syndicate video content to the website, video galleries, sites, Facebook, YouTube and all the retailer affiliates, automatically putting desired information in front of consumers at all points of consideration.

The content you need, the platform to drive business results, and distribution to all points of purchase and consideration.