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Al Schuele

Al, a general partner, joined Sevin Rosen Funds in 2000. A high-tech industry veteran of more than 30 years, Al has extensive semiconductor experience, including work in Asia. He now leads the firm?s activities in AustinYES? And focuses on opportunities in the semiconductor, telecommunications, energy-technology and nanotechnology sectors.

Prior to Sevin Rosen, Al held executive and sales positions in several semiconductor companies including Benchmarq, Crystal, Cypress and Mostek. Al was most recently CEO of Benchmarq Microelectronics, managing the company through the turbulent Asian financial crisis before negotiating a merger with Unitrode Corp., where he then served as president and COO. He was previously general manager for Crystal?s $100 million industrial-products division and, before that, was Crystal?s vice-president of worldwide sales. At Mostek, Al was the director of international marketing and served as president of Mostek Asia for two years, living in Hong Kong.

Before beginning his high-tech career, Al was a U.S. Marine Corps attack pilot and logged 100 landings on the USS Independence.

He previously served on the board of solar company Innovalight, which was sold in 2011 to DuPont. Al holds a BA in physics from Western Maryland College.