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Matt Ocko

Matt Ocko, a sourcing partner in SRB Partners Fund, has worked with Sevin Rosen since 2002. He has nearly 30 years of experience as both a successful investor and entrepreneur. For SRB Partners Fund, Matt will focus on deals in the data center, enterprise, big data (including analytics, machine learning, sensor platforms, and deep vertical applications) and Web 2.0 (large scale software platforms).

Prior to Sevin Rosen, Matt was the co-founder and VP of R&D at DaVinci Systems, held a technical and leadership role at Oracle, where he was a co-founder of the New Media Division, and was respectively, a partner and Vice President at Helix Investments, a co-founder and General Partner of Softbank Technology Ventures, and a Partner at VantagePoint Venture Partners.

Matt also personally invested in and/or played an advisory role in a number of venture-backed startups, including Zynga, Akimbi (acquired by VMware), Fortinet (IPO), Facebook, MetaWeb (GOOG), Virtuata (CSCO), Impermium, BranchOut,, On Ramp Wireless, Cotendo, AppFog, Parse, and CouchBase. Matt has sourced several deals for Sevin Rosen, including XenSource, where he was an advisor, acquired by Citrix Systems for $500 million in 2007, and Market6, which provides large-scale supply-chain analytics to retailers and manufacturers.

Matt holds a BA in physics from Yale University. He has been active in helping develop China?s venture capital and technology regulatory framework for two decades, and his 1996 lecture to the Central Committee Party School on ?Venture Capital with a Chinese Face? has been widely distributed at all levels of government in China. To this date, Matt remains one of only a handful of non-Chinese citizens to speak on the grounds of the Central Committee Party School.