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John Jaggers

John Jaggers joined Sevin Rosen Funds in 1988 and serves as the firm?s managing general partner. His investment interest is on software-based products and services delivered across a broad range of industries, including healthcare, energy and financial services. Since 1993, John also has acted as the firm's administrative general partner, responsible for the financial, legal and administrative details of the firm?s operations and portfolio investments.

"Applying GP insight to the legal and structural details of portfolio-company financing is a tremendous benefit to both our partners and our entrepreneurs. We try to bring the same valuable experience to our portfolio companies' capital structure and financial operations that we do to solving the many other development and operating challenges of creating a successful company from nothing."

Before joining Sevin Rosen, John worked with small, rapidly growing technology companies at investment banking firm Rotan Mosle, and later with its venture-capital arm which was affiliated with Taylor & Turner, an early-stage, technology investment firm. He started his career as a development engineer at Paragon Data Systems, a company that provided data-processing software and services to hospitals.

John currently sits on the boards of Capstone Turbine Corp., a public micro-turbine manufacturer; FourthWall Media; and Market6. In addition, John is a trustee at Rice University in Houston and serves on the boards of the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science and Entrepreneurs for North Texas. From 2006 to 2010, he also served on the board of the National Venture Capital Association. John holds a BA and a master?s degree in electrical engineering from Rice and an MBA from Harvard University.